Thursday, December 2, 2010

What more can I say about your dad, he is amazing like a "duracell battery", he just keeps going. He is a person you can always count on!!!
You are also right that we may be passionate in our thoughts BUT we are very blessed to be able to speak what we need to each other. I believe this because of two things: We love each other and we feel safe with each other.
I believe that I have been blessed with wonderful parents, brother and family because I had a grandmother that blessed her children and the children to come with the aaronic blessing which Yahweh gave to us.Number 6:24
You and Kelli have ALWAYS been a joy in our life!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like mother Like daughter

I had a tadpole when I was young - my brother had a beautiful Greek building that fit perfectly into my aquarium. So...... I put the two together. The next morning, I found my tadpole DEAD and the Greek forum gone. The cute Greek house was made out of limestone. The end of my story and having tadpoles in my life.

My first dog was Jackie, a black poodle that we found in Rome, Italy and brought her home. She was my buddy!!!!!! Infact, it is because of her that I met my husband, the veterinarian. Jackie was a lifeline for me at one time in my life.

They say you may never have the "horse of a lifetime" in your life. I did and his name was Mickey which was the namesake for Amie's horse. Kelli was very fortunate to also have this great horse in her life. Amie was not as blessed to have known him in her life. This was a horse who gave you everything and more.

It is unfortunate that we out live our pets but we do and then we are honored to be able to have more great pets come into our lives!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Where I grew up was the ideal place, far away so I was able to travel all over the world.
Ideal because it was a small town, safe and had everything you could want for a child to enjoy.
Way back then our needs were little, a good bike ride, a good swim, friends to play with all day long.
Not too many people can say that they lived in Dhaharan, Saudi Arabia where the sun always shines.
What a great life!!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


This is very nostalgic for me because I am now an orphan. My perspective may be different from those whose parents are still alive.
I am who I am first of all from Yahweh who blessed me with the parents He gave me. My father, a man of great integrity and a mom with softness. I believe I am a very honest person because of my father. Sometimes to a fault but honesty can never be wrong. The softness comes when there is a need to be quiet about something, not to share what you are thinking. There are those times when honesty will not be kind.
I am who I am as a mother because my parents nurtured me as a child, loved me and were there for me. Because of this, I believe I was a good mother to my two girls and this is evident because of how they turned out as two beautiful women. And, now one has gone on to be a very special mother to her daughter. I am so proud of how they interact with their husbands and show their love to them.
On a lighter note, my life style is a part of who I am. I lived in a small town, a safe town which afforded me an idyllic life. Traveling was very much a part of my life, all over the world. Therefore, my childhood was unusual but amazing!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today is the day I gave birth to my first born, Kelli Anne Cribley O'Brien. Late in the evening, we went to Rose Hospital, they put me in a wheel chair and I burst into tears out of fear of what was to come as the labor pains were very intense. Dr. Bennallack walked in with his grey pony tail, handlebar mustache, baseball cap and jean jacket, contrary to any time I saw him in the office in a dapper suit. We were done in 4 hours, a minute before midnight on the 7th. I heard," oh oh". "What What". You were covered in muconium, poop. They checked you out and your lungs were clear. You nursed as soon as you were looked over and tested. We were elated parents with our first born, who was perfect in every way. Infact, I shared a room and a couple that visited my roomate, stopped by on the way out to look at you, as you stayed in the room with me, and said,"what a beautiful baby" looked back at where they had come from and whispered, their baby is ugly. The genes have continued on for Kelli because Samantha has the same comments constantly from strangers. Papa and Nanny doted on you as their first girl grandchild. Papa was very partial to girls!!
Thank you Yahweh for the blessing you gave us in your image - you must be beautiful, confident, and loving.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have returned from our trip to visit Amie and Albert in Stuttgart, Germany. It was wonderful to see them in their environment and their home. They both have done a superb job of assimilating and adjusting to life in Germany.
Instead of choosing to live the American life in Germany, they chose to blend in as best they can with the life of Germans. We could not have survived without Amie being able to speak German. Stuttgart is not a tourist town so it is not so common for people to speak English. Even when we were in France on the border of Germany, the French spoke German. In fact, we were at a winery in D'Alsace, France, and the owner complemented Amie on her well spoken German. Of course, the reading of the menu's was very helpful because pork is a main stay in Germany. I must say that I thought Mississippi was hard to be able to eat, Germany beats the south for everything being pork. But, we managed with salads and pomme frites, french fries. Albert seems to be very confident in his job as an engineer and easily adjusting to a different life. We must remember that Albert has not traveled as Amie. It just doesn't seem to bother him at all. He tries the German and of course you understand more than you can speak at first.
Now, on the their home - what a lovely and warm home they have put together with garage sales on the internet. They have some great buys- two chairs in excellent condition for 1 euro. A free chair by the road that Amie scrubbed and it looks just like the one from Ikea. Amie's creativeness has come out on her walls!!!! I know you all have seen the apartment but it can not be appreciated until you visit. You walk out of their apartment take a left and you are in a forest by a river. You feel as if you are in the country but get off their street and voila you are in a town. And of course, the transportation is easy and close. Amie and Albert have bikes to do some of their traveling or the train is a block away. In fact, that is how we went to the airport because their Porsche could not carry us and our luggage. I can not wait for Denver to take the light rail out to the airport.
We went to castles, palaces, lakes, winery's, down towns, flea markets, concentration camp, old Renaissance towns and a lot of walking. Stairs, stairs and more stairs.
Thank you Albert and Amie for a warm welcome and stay in your home and newly adopted country.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Grandma AGAIN

Yesterday I went over to AJ and Kelli's to pick up Samantha to get her hair cut. AJ and Samantha were in the garage, I played pick-a-boo for a bit, I a saw that she had a t-shirt with writing. As I got closer I saw it, "I love being a big sister". All I could do is hug AJ.
YES, we get to be grandparents again.
Tonight we are taking everyone out to dinner to celebrate a new life!!!
Actually, this is appropo because this is the true beginning of the new year. We are able to start it with the happy news of a new beginning.